Giant sized Cragstan ‘Beep – Beep’ Greyhound Bus, battery operated tin toy in very nice WORKING condition. Bus requires 3 ‘D’ cell batteries for operation and because of it’s size you should only operate on the floor with a fresh set of batteries. The toy actions are as follows: The bus moves in a forward motion and horn noise is created by a bellows operated by the turning of the rear wheels. The bus comes to a stop and the door opens revealing the woman shown in the windshield. The door closes and the bus continues in the forward motion. The beeping horn noise is not very loud and seems to work best when the toy is pushed along the floor. If the toy is stopped directly after the door closes, the electric motor ‘gearbox’ is disengaged and the bus can be free wheeled on the floor without causing any damage to the mechanism. As shown in the pictures, the battery compartment is nearly spotless but there is evidence of battery corrosion on the battery door only and does not hamper operation. The toy has minor scrapes and scratches anticipated considering it’s age and size. A great old vintage battery operated toy that makes an outstanding functioning shelf piece display. SOLD!