Vintage INGAP Ferrari 500 Battery Operated Open Wheel Race Car in RESTORED working condition. The car has been repainted and a professionally made replacement battery cover door exactly like the original has been installed. Original composition driver also repainted. Electrical system motor and on/off switch have been cleaned and tested for working function. The switch function is for forward and reverse action. Steering can be operated by the cast metal steering wheel (also a replacement) or manipulated by hand. The windscreen plastic and center windscreen frame support are replacements. This awesome toy came to Uncle Al’s Shop in serious need of sprucing up. The original red paint was flaking off in large chunks, possibly due to incorrect metal preparation when the toy was manufactured. There was also damage to the battery compartment door where the European style battery had leaked and corroded an outer corner of the door. Luckily, none of this damage occurred to any other area of the car’s body or underside. I was able to duplicate the original contours of the door and add the stiffening beads in the metal to retain its shape, just as original. #36 decals were original to this care so they were re-created and applied to the automotive finish paint. This toy measures just under 12″ in length, 5 1/2″ wide and 4″ to the top of the drivers head. The Ingap Ferrari, when it comes available is never a cheap date – these are highly prized by Ferrari and toy collectors alike.