Yonezawa Troy Ruttman AGAJANIAN #98 Friction Drive Race Car, not the newer Champion Race Car. As I understand it, the Yonezawa Agajanian toy was pulled from the store shelves for copywrite/licensing issues and ordered to be destroyed. Well of course a few of these were sold and made it out of the stores before they could all be accounted for. Yonezawa re-released the toy as the more commonly found Champion Racer a short time later. This is a stunning, large and rare toy in fabulous original condition. The only detracting issue with this toy is the unfortunate fading of the red ink in the lithography. Overall the toy has very few abrasions and minor dings on the bottom side. Excellent original tires, playwear scrapes on the bottom surfaces as shown and missing two tab covers; one front and one rear as shown. Friction drive is strong and all original chrome trim looks amazing. This is a tremendous and substantial piece in my personal collection. Please contact me if you would like additional pictures.